Nestling among, sylvan surrounding in Parbati valley, Manikaran is famous for its hot springs. Manikaran at an altitude of 1,829 mt. and 40 kms from Kullu has the finest hot water springs. Probably the most important and most useful is the one on the river bank at the entrance to the village which is always in great activity and is said to rise and fall with the increase and decline of river water. Rocks surrounding the spring are uncomfortably hot, while the temperature of the water is above boiling point. Rice can be cooked if placed in a muslin bag or tied up in cloth and thrown into the hot water pool. The water of the springs is said to be radioactive. It is supposed to be beneficial to sufferers from rheumatism and similar ailments. Due to Raghunathjee and Gurudawara, Manikaran is a favorite resort of pilgrims for Hindus and Sikhs. According to an ancient legend, Manikaran is also connected with Lord Shiva and his divine consort Parvati.

Photo Gallery

  • Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib
  • View of Manikaran Market
  • Naina Bhagwati Temple

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Kullu-Manali Airport which is 36 km from Manikaran located in Bhunter. Flights are available to and from Delhi, Chandigarh and Jubbar-hatti (Shimla). From Delhi, it takes one & half an hour to reach Kullu-Manali Airport.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar which is 148 Km far on Mandi-Pathankot way is a narrow gauge track. Kiratpur is another railway station 221 Km far on Kullu-Chandigarh highway. Another nearby railway station is Una which is approx. 232 km. from Manikaran

By Road

This place is very well connected by road from all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh and other neighboring states. The State Transport (HRTC – Himachal Road Transport Corporation) operates its well maintained fleet of Super Luxury, Luxury, Super Fast and Ordinary buses to all the major destinations. Privately operated bus service is also available within the state. Hired Taxi service is also available easily.