DDMA Meeting Proceeding & Report


Meeting Proceeding & Report
Name of Document Download /Link
Report on  5th State Level Mega Mock Exercise on 11th July,2019 Download (4mb)
Report on College Mock Drill based on Earthquake scenario Download (3mb)
Report on 4th April, “The 114th Anniversary of 1905 Kangra Earthquake” Download (5mb)
Proceeding of monsoon preparedness meeting (10-6-2019) Download (2mb)
Procceding of DIG formation(15-9-2018) Download (339kb)
DDMA Meeting Proceeding on 7th June 2018  Download (845kb)
DDMA Meeting  Download (22kb)
DDMA Meeting_procedding on dated 25-05-2017  Download (5mb)
DDMA_Meeting Procedding on dated 26-06-2016  Download (4mb)
Proceeding of the Meeting Regarding review of the Video Conference and Pre-Monsoon Preparedness dated 07-06-2018  Download (1023kb)
Proceeding of the Meeting Regarding Steps for the Availability of Drinking water and Pre-Monsoon Season Preparedness on 30-05-2018  Download (1001kb)